Here’s the deal with my blogging…I don’t have a schedule, I don’t cave to pressure, I don’t beg for subscribers, I pretty much just write a blog post when I have something longer than 140 characters to say. Technically, I would say I am more of a “microblogger”, hence WHY I spend so much time blowing off steam on Twitter. Which ironically has given me the inspiration for my most recent blog post which I’ve decided to plainly title,

“Suck It!, Yep That’s The Blog Title”

Look, I love playing on Twitter as much as the next geek with no life, but seriously there are several behaviors on Twitter that annoy me so much that I just want to scream when I see them pop up! Maybe I am just totally neurotic and these behaviors don’t  bother the rest of you, but I have a feeling I’m not alone.

  1. Receiving a tweet with NO MESSAGE, just a bunch of @names. Huh?! What exactly does that mean? NADA. It means I’m gonna block your a** for being a freakin’ moron, THAT’S what it means! 😉
  2. People that NEVER have anything to tweet except “Hi”, or “Good Morning”, “Good Afternoon”, “Good Evening”. Seriously? You can’t think of ANYTHING else to say?! Am I REALLY supposed to hit reply and say “Hi” or “You too” EVERY SINGLE time/EVERY SINGLE day?! Ugh…text or call to say hi…or even DM me, but don’t freakin’ tweet it. It’s just #Lame!
  3. People that tweet you to promote something, or demand a RT, yet they NEVER interact with you unless they WANT something. Where are manners online? Didn’t ANY of these people go to Kindergarten? Isn’t that where the concept of SHARING was introduced? 😛
  4. Tweets that include your handle in some freakin’ follow cult, club or train. Look, I’ve never signed up to be in/on one, don’t WANT to be in/on one, and I will jump off your “following” if you add me to one…so PLEASE don’t. It really annoys me. #JustSayin
  5. Colleagues that create multiple Twitter accounts for “business” or whatever the hell they are doing, and they automate all the same content between the various accounts, yet they want/expect you to follow them all. I adore you people, but honestly one helping  of your blah, blah, blabbity blah is more than enough TYVM!
  6. “Influencers” that are now auto-posting EVERYTHING they tweet to Facebook JUST so they can try and get higher Klout scores. Really…I mean REALLY? Sigh. Don’t you just LOVE seeing ALL THE SAME crap on Twitter, Facebook and AGAIN on Skype when you glance at the Facebook feed there as well. #Barf #FacebookOverload
  7. People that ask questions of their followers, yet NEVER respond to their responses. Talk about rude!

In conclusion to my PMS-like rant, I am thinking about  just responding to people who do the above with nothing more than the hashtag #TwitterSlap , maybe then they’ll get the hint.
Rule of thumb, tweet others the way you want to be tweeted. (Which for the record means I ABSOLUTELY welcome sarcasm and irreverence. #BringIt!