Quick ways to stop anxiety

Being anxious can largely affect your daily life and your well being. Anxiety includes a feeling of being frightened and uncomfortable. There are so many ways to stop your anxiety and eventually make you feel better. For purposes of dealing with anxiety and also reducing chances of future anxiety, it is important you incorporate the below self help practices that will definitely help you feel better (or check docoop.com for more info).

1.Listen to Soothing music
Music therapy has been identified to be very effective to people who are anxious since it calms you. Studies show that It has work effectively with many patients waiting to undergo surgery.
Soothing music may include blues, jazz or just choose and listen any music that you like to help you with the anxiety.

2.Take long deep breaths
This should actually be the first thing you do when you are feeling anxious. Taking deep diaphragmatic breaths is a powerful way to reduce anxiety because it activates the relaxation response of the body. Taking deep breaths helps your body go from fight or flight response of the nervous system to the relaxed nervous system response.

3.Distract yourself.
Try to distract yourself to doing something that will take your attention when you anxious. After doing this for about 10 to 15 minutes your anxious feeling may highly go away on its own.
For example you can try to read a book, watching a movie or taking a relaxing bubble bath.