Here are 3 Tips on How to Safely Remove Earwax

Ear care should be a vital activity included in one’s hygienic practice. Earwax is considered to be annoying for some, but did you know that this naturally produced wax has an important use? The ears produce wax in order to protect it from the entry of bacteria and microorganisms that may cause infection. It also lubricates the ear. Unfortunately, too much production and accumulation of the earwax have a negative impact too.  The collection of earwax inside the ear canal may result in hearing difficulties, dizziness, and a feeling that something is blocking inside the ear.

It is ideal to clear the ear of earwax from time to time. Bear in mind that natural ear wax cleaning should never be performed on a daily basis. If you have the habit of cleaning your ears daily, the ear loses its protective barrier from infections. Ideally, earwax removal should be done at least every other day.

Here are symptoms of the accumulation of wax inside the ear canal:

  • Earache
  • Incessant itching inside the canal
  • Tinnitus or ringing in the ears
  • The appearance of abnormal draining from the ear canal
  • Reduced hearing

How to solve these problems?

It is vital to clear excessive amounts of earwax from your ear. Here are tips on how to get rid of them while ensuring that your ears are still well protected from infections:

  • Do not use cotton swabs
  • Saline solution is best in clearing out earwax. Simply combine water and water and then place a few drops of this solution down the ear canal. Let the solution soften the wax that may have solidified inside the ear. Tilt your head the opposite way to remove the saline solution as well as the softened earwax
  • Paraffin oil is excellent in the removal of earwax from the canal. Simply melt the paraffin oil and then pour a few drops of warm oil inside the ear. Let it dry and sit fro a few minutes before rinsing it with warm

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